St. Thomas International Regatta

25th - 29th March, 2020


The Regatta

The St. Thomas International Regatta is etched into every racer’s mind as the “Crown Jewel” of Caribbean racing. Here sailors can experience the reliable breezes, warm azure waters and world-renowned island hospitality.

The Round the Rocks Race

If you like, you can take part in the one-day Round the Rocks (RTR) Race on March 26th. This race is a circumnavigation of the neighboring island of St. John.

There is separate scoring and prize-giving for this event and it can be included in the charter deal or this day will be used as a practice day.

The St. Thomas International Regatta

It is run by a professional crew of Race Officers who are brought in from the US every year and who make a huge effort to tailor courses to each class.

The courses are traditional Caribbean courses, using islands, rocks and cayes as marks to supplement the bouys. This makes the racing much more entertaining than your standard windward-leeward courses.

The Schedule

Day 1 - Wednesday 25th March
Registration and Practice Day

Day 2 - Thursday 26th March
Round The Rocks Race (optional)
Post-Race Party
Practice Day (if not doing the RTR)

Day 3 - Friday 27th March
Race Day 1
Dinner, Happy Hour and Post-Race Party at STYC

Day 4 - Saturday 28th March
Race Day 2
Dinner, Happy Hour and Post-Race Party at STYC

Day 5 - Sunday 29th March
Race Day 3
Awards Ceremony
Dinner, Happy Hour and Post-Race Party with live music

Please check here for any updates to the schedule.

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